Legal advice for your smsf or your superfund and QROPS advice for UK pension transfers

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SMSF setup: complete packs

Custodian trust setup packs

Change trustee to corporate

SMSF Excel spreadsheets

QROPS 55+: SMSF setup packs

Convert SMSF to a QROPS 55+

Help with APSS251

Set-up packs to establish an SMSF or a custodian trust.
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Up to date, plain English, lawyer-written, set-up packs and documents for your SMSF: trust deeds; corporate trustee constitutions; bare trust; all packs include all documents required with clear and comprehensive step-by-step guides and support.
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SMSF general and tax advice, trust deed updates.
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What you may do with your fund. Fund compliance and tax issues. Bespoke document drafting, including checking and updating trust deeds or for other changes. Contact me for an initial view and a quote (click "more" to see how this works). Changing from individual trustees to a corporate trustee? Click here.

QROPS advice and documents.
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UK pension transfers to Australia: transfer plans (timing and procedures), advice on UK and Australian tax implications. Managing the UK pension money after transfer, when it can be flexi-accessed (withdrawn) or rolled over, how it can be put into drawdown. Reporting events to HMRC and the ATO.
And .. Excel spreadsheets to create your own auditable accounts
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Jeremy Gordon is an Australian and UK barrister who accepts instructions directly from the public and from APRA regulated super funds.
Solicitors, accountants and financial advisers!
Advice on both Australian and UK law:
Jeremy Gordon, a barrister in both jurisdictions.
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Work is regulated by the Bar's rules and code of conduct (under the Legal Profession Act in Australia or Bar Standards Board in UK) and is fully insured.
For Australian work, above the limit of insurance cover liability is limited by a scheme approved under the professional standards legislation. More about the disclosures and terms which apply.

Australian super - how it works
SMSF - the legal framework
SMSF - human or corporate trustee?
How to purchase property in an SMSF
Stockbrokers charge clause problems
10 good reasons to use DirectDocs documents
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UK Migrants and Australian ex-pats!
Pension transfer to Australia: main issues for uk migrants
Pension transfer plans and advice: qrops documents

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